In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on:-upasna sunil wadhwani

My soul is in a hurry.

I counted my years and found that I have less time to live than I’ve lived so far.
I feel like this kid who won a box of candy: he first eats them with pleasure, but when he realizes that only few left, he started to really enjoy them.

I do not have time for endless conferences in which the statutes, rules, procedures and internal rules are discussed, knowing that nothing is achieved.
I have no time to endure absurd people who have not grown regardless of their age.
I don’t have time to fight with mediocrities. I don’t want to be in meetings where pompous egos are deployed.
I don’t mix with manipulators and opportunists. I’m now disturbing the envious people trying to discredit the capable from taking their positions, talent and successes.
My time is too short to discuss headings. I want the essential, because my soul is in a hurry. Without a lot of candy in the pack!!

I want to live with people who are very human. People who can laugh at their mistakes and don’t think of their successes. With those who do not behave immaturely and who do not escape from their responsibilities. Those who would defend human dignity and who would only wish to go on the side of truth and righteousness.
It’s what makes life worth living.

I want to surround myself with people who understand the hearts of others. People who learned through the hard blows of life to grow by gentle touch of the soul.

Yeah, I’m in a hurry, I’m in a hurry to live with the intensity that can only give maturity.
I’m trying not to waste any of the Candy that’s left me. I’m sure they’ll be more delicious than the ones I’ve already eaten.
My goal is to reach the end, in peace with me, my loved ones and my conscience.

We have two lives and the second begins when you realize, you only have one.

I Belive In The Power Of Words. Many People Speak Before They Think, But I Know The Value Of Words. The Words Can Make You Break You, They Can Heal Your Soul. They Can Damage You Forever.
So I Always Try To Use Positive Words In My Life Where ever I Go . They Call It Adversity. I call It Opportunity. They Call It Weakness. I call It Strength.They Call Me Disable I Call Myself Differently Abled. They See My Disability I See My Ability.There Are Some Incidents That Happen In Your Life And Those Incidents Are Strong That They Change Your DNA. Those Incidents Or Accidents Are So Strong That They Break You Physically They Defrom Your Body But They Transform Your Soul.
Those Incidents Break You Defrom You But They Mold You Into The Best Version Of You.